Wildlife Comedy Photography is a thing
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The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards* showcases wild animals caught in amusing, unflattering, or otherwise hilarious poses. The shortlist: part 1, part 2 (*Google thinks this site has been hacked. Proceed cautiously.)
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Haha! A photography award that celebrates my favorite Far Side.
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How do wolves move
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Alternate Smiths song titles: This Surfing Duck, This Gurning Horse, This Gormless Pelican
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I'm guessing Google's reacting badly to that site because it's been flagged by people who were deeply confused, as I was, by the big red "Enter Now" button which takes you to a page asking for your personal information. I think in this case it's not malicious, just poor design by the page developer who thought the first thing to do was to take the visitor to a place where they could *submit* photos, not view them.
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The peeing bee is hypnotizing.
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The peeing bee is hypnotizing.

I'll say. When I was a child, all we had were spelling bees. Still, I guess it's better the kids do this in school instead of on the streets.
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I resisted posting this myself because of the site's weird warning, but let me offer an alternative, because The Telegraph has posted two (so far) galleries of what they judge to be "The Best Entries": 1, 2. YMMV.
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So majestic.
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One of my favorite parts about the "weasel riding a woodpecker" photo is that it had a commemorative sign, which then prompted a spat from the local council.
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Stop. You had me at "Comedy Wildlife Photography."
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I had no idea bees peed. I guess it should have been obvious that a bee would need to pee, or else it would explode, but somehow it wasn't.
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I love how Wikimedia Commons has a wealth of informative and educational images, such as ones clearly demonstrating completely typical behaviours of various kinds of animals.
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These are great! In the black and white one with the two zebras, my mind stubbornly insists that it's a color photo of zebras with the background photoshopped black and white.
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