It will end where it began. According to one of the definitions of 'bega
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This is how it begins. I mean, THIS is how it begins. I mean, THIS is ho-- oh, for crying out loud. THI-- THIS is how it begins. And this is how it ends: Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie has been greenlit. (Some background.)
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Hey Arnold was a marvelous program, but I never understood the clamoring from longtime fans for this particular movie. The strength of the show was always in exploring the people and stories of its nostalgic, Brooklyn-esque cityscape -- the immigrant families, the small businesses, the public schools, the sandlots and swimming pools and countless urban myths and traditions come to life. The "Jungle Movie" just feels so completely at odds with that humanistic, down-to-earth atmosphere, taking the thoughtful kid that lives with his grandparents and thrusting him into some larger-than-life adventure story about treasure hunters, river pirates, mysterious rainforest tribes, and a villain who kidnaps (?) his parents.

It's a neat story, I'm sure, but it's not at all what made the original show appealing. Like taking a more grown-up Sesame Street and turning it into Indiana Jones.
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The soundtrack to this show was wonderful. The early claymation I'd never seen before, very interesting.
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Rhaomi: The first Hey Arnold movie are why the TVTropes article Big Damn Movie used to be called Why Is Arnold Saving Something?
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If you're going to do a Nick nostalgia movie, do it right. Pete and Pete Wonder Why They're Surrounded By Deformed Children And Talking Animals And Holy Crap A Talking Sponge!
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You make a very good point, Rhaomi. Still...

They are also impressed with Helga's ferocity.

I'd sort of like to be impressed with Helga's ferocity one more time.
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