"You just called Commander Sisko 'dad.'"
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#Deep Space Nine Nine, source of the title and prompt for this FPP, is an entertainingly silly series of posts with dialogue from "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" on screencaps of "Deep Space Nine."

If you don't like the "quotes from media source A as uttered by characters from media source B" flavor of humor, typically found on Tumblr, move along, move along. For everybody else, here's some unrepentant silliness.

There are countless incorrect quotes tumblrs, but one thing that many of them share is their dependence on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" as source material. Fair warning: if you read too many of them, you'll see certain favorite quotes pop up over and over. And, y'know, there's probably a thesis on metatextual archetypes in there for someone.

- incorrectghostbusters.tumblr.com has found that Peralta's lines are perfect when uttered by Holtzmann (only a few B99 posts)
- Hogwarts Nine Nine, in which Snape attends a hula-hooping class for both fitness and fun (previously)
- Incorrect Avengers Quotes unsurprisingly gives Rosa's lines to Natasha
- Brooklyn-Hamilton: "Ooh, someone's in trouble. It's me. I don't know why I did that." -- Hamilton (Scroll down and go back; there are extensive earlier posts)
- Incorrect Star Wars Quotes, where Luke has daddy issues
- Incorrect Literary Quotes: “How was I supposed to know there would be consequences for my actions?” -- Lord Byron
- Incorrect Buffy Quotes (Spike gets the same line as above)
- Bad Overwatch Quotes has only been around since July but is already mining B99.
- Incorrect Leverage Quotes only has a few B99 quotes so far, but it's Leverage, so it goes on the list.

And to flip things around, Incorrect Brooklyn 99 Quotes puts other fandoms' lines into the Nine Nine's mouths.
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this pleases me. this pleases me so much.
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And of course, there’s always arrestedwesteros.tumblr.com
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Also: Troy And Abed in Engineering — the Data/Geordie + Troy/Abed tumblr you never knew you needed.
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I am exactly the target audience for this and love it very much.
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I've never seen Brooklyn Nine-Nine but I love Deep Space Nine. This is fun!
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That was amazing. I guess I'm gonna have to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine now.
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Oh also someone on here made varysandromedon.tumblr.com based on a comment made by MeFi’s own me, quoting something my wife said while we watched Game of Thrones a while back. There are only a couple on there but they are generally perfect flowers forever in full bloom
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I'm always here for hanging shit on Kai butt.
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This kind of makes me want to start watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

But really, it makes me want to watch more DS9.

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As awesome as this is, I'm waiting for some to go a little Meta and do Brooklyn 99 dialogue on top of Homicide screen caps. Or vice versa.
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Holt/Sisko is such a great riff; you've got the superficial ease of pairing two bald, black, carefully-spoken characters with ladles of gravitas, but the distinction between Sisko's constantly-brimming passionate humanity and Holt's essentially Vulcan emotional posture makes it feel almost like a joke the writers of both shows coordinated across a span of decades.

In general the DS9/B99 thing feels like it works for me as well as it does because DS9 was the first Trek to really let the whole leading cast have their fair share of anxieties and inter-crew conflicts; not to say you couldn't make it work with TNG/B99 if you leaned into it, but here it more nearly fits as something that happened just off camera.
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the only cop show I'll watch these days! Seriously, do rec. It's a really nice blend of socially aware and ridiculous, with a genuinely diverse cast--two Latina detectives! both of the top-ranking officers are black men! the captain is gay and has a husband and we actually see them together! And speaking of Homicide--one of my favorite TV shows ever--that captain is played by Andre Braugher! Turns out he's hilarious.
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Yeah, I was completely skeptical of B99 because of Braugher; I didn't think of him as a comedic actor. Turns out he's a very good comedic actor.
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I'm doing a DS9 rewatch right now, (almost finished), and so these are extra fun. Thanks for sharing!
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Yeah, I was completely skeptical of B99 because of Braugher; I didn't think of him as a comedic actor.

I seem to recall when Braugher was being pitched for the role, someone (his agent?) tried to put together a highlight reel showing his comic chops for skeptical producers and it turned out he had never done any comedy, despite being a pretty funny guy.
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I like everything about B99 except the lead. It's gotten more tolerable in later seasons as it had gotten less Samberg-centric, but I still find myself skipping forward often during his scenes.
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I deeply love seeing Epic Sci-Fi/Fantasy combined with the pettiness of network sitcom humor. This is great. Thank you so much.
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I feel like I can't let this post go by without mentioning some Parks and Trek.
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I have not clicked on this yet but I am 100% certain I will love it.
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If you'll forgive a self-link, have some Buffy quotes on Hannibal screencaps
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Update: YEP, the amount to which Sisko-as-Holt works gives me so much joy.
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Now can we mashup Babylon 5 with Hawaii 5-0?
Or 30 Rock with Third Rock from the Sun?
Or Blake's 7 with That 70's Show?
Or Mystery Science Theater 3000 with 30 Minute Meals?
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Seen DS99 and love it, of course, but the Snape-Harry version of the hula hoop scene is perfect beyond perfection.
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I like everything about B99 except the lead. It's gotten more tolerable in later seasons as it had gotten less Samberg-centric, but I still find myself skipping forward often during his scenes.

The show shares DNA with Parks & Recreation and like that show you can see its course corrections (though they're not as drastic as Parks S1 to Parks S3). At the start of the show Peralta is an obnoxious self-centred jerk who gets away with being an obnoxious self-centred jerk because he's the main character of the show. Also, Charles is a creep. And Rosa is given little to do aside from being creeped on by Charles.

They nixed Charles' creepiness in the first season to the benefit of both Charles and Rosa's characters. And Peralta doesn't seem like as much of a jerk anymore.

Despite these criticisms I really like the show. Braugher is hilarious. As is Terry Crews.

This is great too.

Also the Halloween episodes are a textbook definition of diminishing returns.
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Oh, and if you like DS9 and Hamilton...this is a shameless self-link, but it's to an epic DS9 Hamilton parody, so perhaps forgivable?
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this kind of makes me want to start watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Do it. It's WONDERFUL background netflix/hulu'ing
You'll be amazed at how many times you laugh out loud.
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there's still magic yet in this world
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