You've... kind of just ruined my flow there.
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See, they needed the video 'cause they didn't print enough pamphlets.
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Thanks, the YouTube one did work and it's pretty hilarious.
posted by Joe in Australia at 9:10 PM on November 25

Someone's seen Hot Fuzz.
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They got pretty worn down and underfunded under the Nats., so I hope this works. It's gotten so they don't answer armed holdups in Auckland, you're better off calling for fire. And yes, diversity, we need some of that.

Policing quality is highly variable across the country - I lived in Queenstown for five years and they were importing UK cops and in the main they really were p*gs.
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I want to believe in the police cats.
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here's the youtube link if the embedded one doesn't work. yt

Cheers, eh? The YT version had subs of a sort, and they were enough to get me going in the right direction between accents and my lousy hearing! Brilliant!
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My favorite is the Maori guy with the boom box.

Because I know he's not going to shoot me.
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What is the reputation of NZ police? If police in any major American city put out a goofy video like this, I'd be incensed and call it it what it is, propaganda to make them appear nice and fuzzy. I've contacted my local news station to ask them to stop running fluff stories about police-sponsored picnics and the like because they never run any critical stories.

Aside from the grar, I really liked the police cat. Maybe cats can smell weed just as well as dogs. They're just not fucking narcs.
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So much running!
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So does anyone know who did direct this? It's not like NZ has a shortage of directing talent.
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The marching band cracked me up.
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Like unearthed said, NZ police are really variable across the regions. To generalise our import cops are shit house, they bring awful attitudes from around the world. I've never had too much of a problem with the homegrown cops, I mean they're cops with everything that entails, but in general they've been polite and professional.

I'm not going to say that this is necessarily propaganda, I know a lot of working class polynesian youth want to go into the cops for the reasons portrayed in the video "fit, active, team, helping the community"

Actually I should change my earlier statement I've never had too much of a problem with NZ cops that I've interacted with, the uniformed cops. I've had fuck all to do with the detectives etc. Going off of the historic rape scandals and the fucked up things I know that the NZ police have done it's quite possible that there is a generational divide between the historically white nz police and the largely brown nz police force that seems to be coming up and this video is actively recruiting.
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They're pretty racist, they tase people for compliance, they shoot offenders at roughly twice the rate they did 20 years ago, and most recently, it turns out senior officers can get off for detaining a teen to bully him into giving up his girlfriend. They gather evidence unlawfully and conduct armed raids en masse suspecting terrorism only to struggle to get a misuse of firearms conviction out of it (Operation 8). As recently as this weekend, they were treating crowds of Tongan rugby supporters in Auckland as potential rioters, contrasted with the way they stand back with the white crowd at the Wellington 7s .

But, they are probably still better than police forces in many other democracies :-/ They were for example excellent when I saw them in action a few weekends back as a bunch of anti-racist counter demonstrators surrounded a few neoNazis trying to get on to Parliament grounds, low key, defusing potential violence, eventually escorting the nazis away before they came to harm. Depends which ones you get and how they're feeling.
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Yeah, as cops go they're very good, but they're still cops with all that entails. If you're rich and white you'll think they're great, if you're poor and brown probably less so. They've made a lot of efforts to improve though, and compared to the corruption and thuggery you'd find in (e.g.) Australia, they're holy avatars of woke light sent down from cop heaven.

Oh and they don't carry guns around which is nice (I think they generally have a shotgun locked up in the police car).
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I want to believe in the police cats.

Meet Tia.

Meet Snickers.

Meet Constable Elliot, who was a guinea pig, and Tia's predecessor.

New South Wales has Ed for their stables.

It upsets me how much better New Zealand is at pretty much everything.
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compared to the corruption and thuggery you'd find in (e.g.) Australia

Oh come on now, it's widely known that Australia has the best police force money can buy...
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It was directed by Damien Shatford. Works in advertising - see more of his stuff here.
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Sebmojo, if you read one of the pieces I linked, they generally have a Glock and an M4 (!) in the boot.
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Because I know he's not going to shoot me.

I dunno, he was pretty clearly packin', if you know what I mean.
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Why is New Zealand so whimsical
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