Faux Foods of Silicone, Glass, and Clay
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When you don't speak the language, just point. First link is about a Japanese maker of food replicas who's been at it for 60 years. The second link is a woman with allergies who was inspired by the Great British Baking Show to satisfy her longings. French desserts
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Wow, those glass and ceramic desserts are so good.
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Aw yesssss. So snackwave. I've considered just buying silicone Japanese food replicas before. And I love Shayna Leib's desserts. This all reminds me of decoden. Decoden! I follow a number of people on Instagram now who make tiny resin candies and stuff like that for all the people around the world who pipe silicone onto phone cases and boxes and stick stuff in it like it's icing.

Oh wow, and Fake Food Hatanaka and Shayna Leib both appear to have awesome Instagram accounts.

See also: GlassBerries, an Etsy shop that sells glass fruit and egg sculptures. If I could justify spending $100 or $200 on a glass fried egg, I totally would own one.
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It looks like there's a bit more glass food to be found on Etsy. Janet Panabaker, for instance, makes glass pizza slices!
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It is certainly a blessing to visit or live in a country (Japan) where you do not speak the language and be able to step outside with the server and point to what you want! (It is also endlessly entertaining to window-shop restaurants, something you can't do in most countries.) Kudos to the craftspeople who create these wonders.
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Penkridge Ceramics have been tempting folk to break their teeth for years.
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Thank you for the Etsy link, limeonaire. I never realized handmade glass food was a thing, but I saw that glass fried egg and immediately, I want it I want it I want it. I don't know why!
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See also: GlassBerries, an Etsy shop that sells glass fruit and egg sculptures.

I was thrown for a second that they have a miscarriage gifts category, prepared myself for tiny glass fetuses, but it's also glass fruit. Then I remembered the your fetus is the size of a blueberry/lemon/whatever sizing system, and… oh.
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I never heard of wearing glass fruit to commemorate miscarriage.
The Japanese fake food thing is something I love. And I really like the copies of pastries. If I could afford them and had that kind of place, I would display that sort of thing.
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Mr. Roquette and I have noticed fake foods grills for sale in a local store. He finds it amusing how real it looks.
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My wife and I took a class in Tokyo (in Kappabashi) where we made the wax variety of these (which is what they mostly used to be, before switching to plastic/etc). Very interesting and neat (mostly involves drawing wax through water to create shapes/textures and layering the color/etc).
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