"Kentucky contains multitudes, our people contain multitudes."
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"Our music should contain multitudes as well," writes Leesa Cross Smith in an essay about Sturgill Simpson in the Oxford American's 2017 music issue. The annual issue returns to its state-by-state look at some notable music (last year's focus was a departure from that usual format with Visions of the Blues). For 2017, here are the notes on the songs from the 19th Southern Music Issue CD featuring Kentucky.

The issue's cd includes Dave Evans' Be Proud of the Grey in Your Hair. Evans passed away in June.
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If you like Sturgill (like me), then check out his protege, Tyler Childers. If anything, he's more Kentucky than Sturgill. And I may even like him even more. There's not a weak track on his debut album. It's a crime he wasn't in the collection.
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I hadn't heard anything in quite a while from Rachel Grimes, formerly of Rachel's.
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Sturgil and Rachel Grimes in one post? Be still my heart!
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I like Sturgill Simpson. His cover version of the Osborne Brothers' Listening to the Rain is like a country version of Metallica's One.

He also has a song called Turtles All the Way Down which is an alright song with a great title.
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CTRL-F : King Kong, Freakwater, Rachel Grimes

(This is a pretty good list)
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No Rodan, though.
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Also worth checking out - Margo Price and Andrew Combs
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Oh, also, I love Sturgill, but he needs to give the novelty covers a rest. He's better than that!
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Eponys... I'll get my coat.
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last year's focus was a departure from that usual format with Visions of the Blues

For me, it had too much "you go girl" blues and not enough "oh God the spiders are still coming" blues
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I always look forward to the music issue! This one is my favorite.

Little Milton "Grits Ain't Groceries"
Chris Bell "You and Your Sister"
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This one is my favorite.

That may be one of the ones I don't have.
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Is there a way to order their CDs other than picking up used copies off Discogs? Because damn, I want that blues disc.
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Because damn, I want that blues disc.

$16 here, your choice of three covers.
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No Rodan, though.

No Drew Daniel of Matmos and The Soft Pink Truth, either, but he left Louisville a long time ago. Recent interview by hometown publication.
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