Billy the Kid
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Meet Billy the kid, an outsider growing up in small-town Maine.
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Let me be the first to say, sweet!
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Billy the "just another troubled and looking for attention, molded by what he watches on MTV kid". At least that was my first thought... based on the 2 comments so far, I'll try to watch the whole thing.
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Yeah, despite the endorsement by SXSW, I'm just not seeing what makes Billy so special.
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let me be the first to say - thank christ there was no camera crew around when I was in high school.
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"A casting director for films and fashion shoots who specializes in “street scouting” — the practice of plucking subjects from everyday environments — Ms. Venditti was trying to find teenage actors for a short that her friend Carter Smith was directing. She cast Billy as an extra in that film, “Bugcrush” (which went on to win the prize for best short at Sundance last year), but resolved to give her new young friend, who seemed both troubled and precocious, more screen time in a project of her own."
--from an article reposted in the Billy The Kid blog.
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Is Heather blind?
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Billy sounds like a lot of the songwriters I work for in their youth.
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I don't know why, but this made me think of The Beaver Trilogy. So now I'm thinkin', really, it's be cool if this kid started dreaming of becoming a famous Britney Spears impersonator. And then this documentary could be re-enacted with him played by Zac Efron & Michael Cera. Sweet!
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Do people over 30 really, truly not remember what it's like to be a teenager? Or they think they've found some other wunderkind outsider just like their own put upon, unique snowflake youth?

If you want to do a documentary about a normal teenager having normal identity struggles that's incredibly awesome, but why all the "he's-so-special" hype? Don't all teenagers feel like they're incredibly super special outsiders and the only reason why their specialness hasn't been discovered and appreciated is because they're put-upon by a cruel and jealous world? I don't think you're going to do any teen any favors by actually encouraging this internal mythology by creating a cult of personality for them.

It's the same deal with all the fawning over Zoe Trope a few years back. Awesome person by all accounts, but there are tons and tons of equal talents forgotten in student literary magazines because they weren't lucky enough to stumble on some mentor with publishing connections.

In any event, it looks like a cute film. Hopefully Billy will land on his feet once the fickleness of fame catches up. Or maybe he really is some old-beyond-his-years unique snowflake and he already realizes how fleeting and mundane this all is.
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Miss Lynnster, I thought of the Beaver Trilogy too as soon as the trailer started. I think because it started out with a goofy kid's voice talking about John Wayne in what might have been a parking lot.

I'll like this movie, but I can see how it might mess with the kid's head. He seems a little bit off kllter. It seems cruel to be following a couple around, especially a couple so ill-at-ease with themselves and the world, on their first date and through their own school.

Much of the time when I see a good story or a good character it makes me happy if it turns out to be partly true: the couple from Once really got together? Neat! In this case, however, I think I would like it better if it turned out to be scripted and fake. If I could be certain this shy girl wasn't having to go through this date with the cameras following them around and the question Will Billy get the girl? hanging over them.
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Looks pretty good, but its run in New York is done and it doesn't look like a wide release is in its future. I guess I will have to wait for the DVD. I will be waiting. Thanks JPowers.
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Is Heather blind?

A blind waitress? Now that would be awesome stuff for a movie.

I agree with most everyone else here that Billy seems like perfectly normal teenager to me.
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I agree with most everyone else here that Billy seems like perfectly normal teenager to me.

So this type of exposure will certainly kill him (unless he moves to LA.)
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Then he'd be as good as dead.
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He needs to shave off that proto-tache...
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Then he'd be as good as dead.

Which he is now, unless he moves. And seeing as he is now a big stard, where else for him to move besides LA?

And thus the circle is completed.
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I think Heather has nystagmus. Apparently Billy has since been diagnosed with Aspberger's.
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