November 13, 2015

It really makes me wonder

Synchronized swimming set to "Stairway of Heaven." That is all.
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In Paris, something terrible is happening

Multiple shootings are happening at popular venues and restaurants in Paris The Guardian seems to be very well informed. But here is a link to Liberation as well [more inside]
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Pepsi Deep Blue

TensorFlow. Google has open-sourced their numerical computation library for machine learning applications. (Especially "deep" learning.) [more inside]
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Suffer the Children

Suffer the Children: A long and heart-rending essay in The Monthly magazine about the Australian Family Law system's ugly response to allegations of child abuse in custody disputes. [more inside]
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NYC Subway Signals and Countdown Clocks

Why New York Subway Lines Are Missing Countdown Clocks. Here is an engaging yet fairly thorough and technical explanation of the signal system(s) used in the NYC Subway (SLAtlantic) [more inside]
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Dropping like flies

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Real Estate Bargain

Wanna buy a palatial 365-room Castle in the Florentine foothills - CHEAP? The bizarre castle and its 160-acre grounds, which have been left to ruin for the last several decades is being auctioned off at a starting price of just S20 million in an attempt to save the estate from private investors who are angling to turn it into a luxury resort if the price falls low enough. Google images here.
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It Was Not To Be.

The first in a series of dispatches from America's poorest towns by the Guardian.
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Jagged Little Pill turns 20

And we still don't know who inspired "You Oughta Know." Plus a few more things you oughta know about Alanis.
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Wanderment is a game that lets you play as a lost kitten looking for your kitten friend. The twist: you, the kitten, are completely blind. Instead of navigating by sight, you must navigate by sound and smell to find your way around your environment and track down your friend.
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Do not mention the husband or death. Do not mention murder or the bird.

The art of the strange writing exercise. [more inside]
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5 Harmful Myths the Ethically Non-Monogamous Community Needs to Address

Awesome gender-queer Michon Neal address intersectionality and poly relationships. "There are some deeply ingrained myths about non-monogamy that actually exclude many people with varied experiences – especially those of us who have intersecting marginalized identities (minorities of minorities, as I like to call myself)."
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USSR v Chile World Cup Qualifier 1973

Pinochet, The Cold War, and the Most Pathetic Match Ever Played
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such is the folly of man

The Radical Sandcastles of Matt Kaliner, aka Sandcastle Matt: How To Build Sandcastles The Sandcastle Matt Way [more inside]
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“Keep Willowside Safe & Quiet: No to Guy Fieri.”

"And if you’re looking for a metaphor of how the food-and-wine establishment views Guy Fieri, it’s hard to top a man who feeds dog shit to slow-moving animals and calls it foie gras." - Drew Magary heads to Flavortown's Sonoma outpost.
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Out of Steam?

Arstechnica contrasts gaming performance between SteamOS on Steam Boxes and Windows 10.
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Bust: An Insider's Account of Greenville's Underground Poker Scene

Twelve years ago, an amateur poker player from Tennessee won the main event at the World Series of Poker, and suddenly, the entire world wanted to play Texas Hold ’em. The craze spawned countless underground poker rooms. Greenville, S.C., was one of the South’s hottest underground poker towns — until the whole thing went sideways in a hail of gunfire. This week, as the 2015 WSOP draws to a close, The Bitter Southerner will tell you a week-long story about that night in Greenville — and the South’s twisted relationship with legal poker. [more inside]
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Kriss Kyle riding BMX in a visually stunning setup [more inside]
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Same as In Town

“I chose the phone call option, no rush, because that seemed like the most respectful way to do it, and also because I wanted to hear how the person from the The Breakup Shop would handle it. Sending an email or text is easy. What do you do when the other person talks back?”—I Paid This Company $30 to Break Up With My Girlfriend (SLVice)
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Okay, you enjoyed the Gif Dance Party (or some of you did), how about an Emoji Party? (warning: auto-sound cannot be turned off) Move your cursor to the upper right corner to pick more emojis to add to the crowd, move the cursor around to change the moving patterns and click and hold to add more music. You're welcome.
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