MeFi Mall

Here's a list of MeFites who have stuff they make and sell online. If you're shopping anyway, check out the stuff your fellow MeFites have available. If you're a MetaFilter member with stuff for sale, you can submit your shop. There's more info in MetaTalk.

Photography, Prints and Calendars

  • komara: I'm a photographer whose work is concentrated on (but not limited to) New Orleans and I recently produced a book of photos which can be yours for $20. Since MagCloud doesn't have previews of the interior you can see product example shots here and some of my New Orleans-specific photos on Exposure to give you some idea what's inside.
  • dirtdirt: Dirtdirt at Etsy - art and illustrations. Say "Butts lol" and enjoy a free gift with purchase!
  • Grimp0teuthis: I am a NYC-based film photographer offering traditional black & white darkroom prints and Boardwalk Kids, a zine about Coney Island and its inhabitants. Please contact me at victorcohen at gmail dot com for darkroom prints. I can provide up to 8x10" image size for USD $50 plus shipping. Discounts available for multiple prints. Boardwalk Kids can be purchased from my shop directly.
  • mygothlaundry: Hi! This is my travel blog and it is CHOCK FULL OF AMAZING LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY that you can own for a mere pittance. Archival prints, suitable for framing, in your choice of size can be hand printed in Colorado and mailed to you OR, I have a variety of pre printed images that I can just up and mail. Shipping included! $50 for a 9" x 12" print $60 for 12" x 16" $75 for 16" x 20"
  • Crystalinne: Print With Love on Etsy! Beautiful prints and special limited edition hand painted coffin jewelry boxes with FREE U.S. domestic shipping on everything! Gift wrap add ons available! Unique art including pop culture cuteness, spooky skulls and bats, tattoo style art, and more! I'd love to send you something special! Shop now at

Recorded Music

  • loquacious: Thee Seldon Crisis Deep, dreamy and musical ambient noises recorded over the summer of 2013, created from found sounds and inspired by reading too much science fiction.
  • chococat: Several albums worth of recent and not-so-recent recordings. It's delicious, homemade, independent basement pop just waiting for you at Send as a gift or enjoy for yourself! Don't forget to enter the discount code "mefi" on the Bandcamp site to get 10% off anything! (Also on iTunes, Amazon and most other places you can think of.)
  • motty: Fit and the Conniptions were easily the third or fourth best bass / viola / drums trio in London. Then someone gave the viola player a tenor banjo, and now we can't get it off him. A new album, Old Blue Witch, was released earlier this year.


  • velebita: Hi, I’m an illustrator working in Chicago and I’d like to draw your cat, dog, chicken, beloved houseplant, or that cool pile of bones you found in the woods. You can see my work and get more details here at Cats Against Oligarchy. I started this project to pay for bus tickets to the Women's March, and in that spirit I donate 10% of every purchase to the Midwest Access Coalition. Note that the constraints of time mean supplies are limited (that is, I can probably get in about twelve orders before Christmas)!

Etsy, Crafts and Jewelry

  • robocop is bleeding: The Corey Press - Hand carved madness from Salem, MA. Medieval UFO abductions, occult conspiracies, and Lovecraftian nightmares all inked and pressed to wood. Etsy | Threadless | Website
  • picea: I've got two venues for selling my wares. Firstly, my etsy store has some of my hand-made ceramics for sale. I have been making some fun pet bowls, mugs and cake stands. Secondly, my Threadless Artist Shop has a few t-shirt designs, including one featuring the popular microbeast, the tardigrade!
  • YoungAmerican: The Put This On Shop sells handmade men's accessories and vintage gifts. We make pocket squares and scarves from vintage and antique fabrics, and have a huge selection of vintage men's jewelry, home accent items, pins, knives, books, bags, scarves and more. Special, charming, magical things for yourself or as a gift. You can use METAFILTER for 20% off.
  • Wossname: Gridworks. Vinyl decals, stamps, mini prints, leatherwork, cosplay/ren faire gear, D&D accessories, cat toys - whatever strikes my fancy. My Inktober birds and reverse mermaid stickers/prints are especially popular. Put MEFIMALL in the order comments for a free random mini-print from my batch of experiments.
  • congen: The Shattered Mirror on Etsy. Original art, prints, and cards drawn during pro- and post- dromal migraine attack phases to express and recover from these altered neurological states. MEFITELOVE for 10% off.
  • hgws: Large Latte - Knitwear for your iPhone! Hand knitted, warm cosy luxury for your iPhone to hang out in, featuring iconic designs from the early days of the Apple Macintosh. Use shop coupon MEFIMALL for $5 (AUD) off your purchase.
  • d13t_p3ps1: Brain Basket Designs I make wire wrap jewelry with a wide variety of crystals and minerals, with a focus on pendants and necklaces. Use the coupon code METAFILTER to get 10% off your purchase!
  • jenjenc: I make hand-cut ornaments out of beautiful hardwood on my scroll saw. I have lots of options for both people and pets! You pick the shape, the wood, the name/year, and on many of them, the color of rhinestone crystal embellishment. New this year, you can order directly from my website, Click on the red banner to shop, and enter the code "Metafilter" at checkout to save $5 on your order over $15.
  • Lapin: Lapin: I have an Etsy store - Miasma Designs where I sell quirky/eclectic/fantasy/techie polymer clay jewelry. 10% off for Mefites with MEFIMALL
  • coevals: Little Wolf Press is an Etsy shop, with digital prints, greeting cards, and original paintings. Thank you for checking it out.

Books, Magazines and Zines


  • cortex: I'm selling original oil paintings! Menger sponges galore, but also other geometric/color projects and the occasional still life or portrait. (Sorry, no prints at this point.) Let me know you're a MeFite, I'll knock 10% off.
  • D.Billy: I have a few kinda-funny artsy-designy things available: “New York Art Teams” T-SHIRTS ... “Rock Paper Scissors” BUTTONS ... COLLAGES made from comics & kids books ... PHOTO PRINTS of STREET ART THINGIES ... or you could commission a custom DRAWING or LOGO for someone! MeMail or email for pricing, with a 10% discount for MeFites!