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What's the deal with your nickname? How did you get it? If your nickname is self-explanatory, then tell everyone when you first started using the internet, and what was the first thing that made you say "wow, this isn't just a place for freaks after all?" Was it a website? Was it an email from a long-lost friend? Go on, spill it.

"???????? ?????? ?????? ?????????? ????"
"I like the pictures of the Earth. They look majestic."

I have started a Fringe rewatch and a listing for Hardcore History on FanFare.
FanFare to-do:
Finish MAD MEN rewatch
Run Mann's World series
Run Stale Beer series
Run I, Claudius series

I prefer The Old Reader for my RSS feeds.

I wrote these:
In which nothing happens, twice
It felt like the whole theater, the whole city was waiting?—?waiting for the other shoe to drop, waiting for the bottom to fall out, again. We had no memory of yesterday, only a vague fear and the hope that maybe better would, against all reason, be better than today. New York had always been the city of adventure and hope to me, and now I knew it to be a city of hesitation, a caught breath, the pause before the leap.

Drone Inevitability
Drones, as the culmination of a few long-term trends and as the fulfillment of several needs of the United States, are fast becoming an integral part of how it interacts with the world. Empires and hegemons throughout history have needed to hide the use of force from their citizens, their clients, and their enemies. The drone is the perfect tool of our era to do that now

Soldiers, Miners and Fashionistas
The M-65 field jacket may instead be thought of as a piece of American outerwear that has transcended the regular restrictions and connotations placed on it, like the blue jeans before it.

So why this jacket, and why now?

If you want some help writing, framing, or researching, you can contact me. MetaFilter is only as good as the posts.

"That’s why I tell my students not to listen when someone says it’s never too late. It’s always too late – but try anyway." - Dr. Stewart Lindh
"The world is meaningless and tragic, and we can navigate it in our pink musical-note-themed uniforms. What else do we have?"
"If utopia is a place that does not exist, then surely (as Lao Tzu would say) the way to get there is by the way that is not a way. And in the same vein, the nature of the utopia I am trying to describe is such that if it is to come, it must exist already." - Ursula K. Le Guin, A Non-Euclidean View of California as a Cold Place to Be
"We will use this scheme of pulling things apart (analysis) and putting them back together (synthesis) in new combinations to find how apparently unrelated ideas and actions can be related to one another." - COL John Boyd

potential FPP ideas. Feel free to use them, but be warned: I will probably dump a bunch of links in your thread.

Edward Behr, publisher and editor of magazine 'The Art of Eating' (Named after MFK Fischer book?). Many of his articles available on

Death and diving on Spiegel Grove, USS Eagle - wrecks of Key Largo

Frederick Townsend Ward and Philo McGiffin - American mercenary kings ( former merchant seaman/ naval officer ) in Opium War era / pre-revoultionary China. BIG POST. Ward first white man to meet Emperor - 'Ever Victorious Army', McGiffin first to command modern (armored, steam fired, turret gunned) warship against another similar ship. (?)

American Craft Beer Renaissance - BIG POST. Economics, social implications, market shifts, tastings, homebrewing, legal hurdles, etc.

King Edward's (who was a notorious philanderer, see also sex-chair) Mistress Daisy Warwick: adultress, socialite, social reformer and Labour party candidate for MP. cf. 'tea gowns'

Debt jubilee, non-western banking practices

FM Bailey and Charles Bell

National immigration tests online - do you qualify?: Canada, NZ

Shelf stable fruit and vegetable production (and meat) due to climate change.

NY governor Al Smith's presidential run, Suffolk county KKK

Systeme D

black and grey markets - drugs (psychotropics, pharmaceuticals), extralegal immigration, trafficking, money (physical), data smuggling, prostitution, etc.

Saenger Theaters

The Widow Cliquot

phase zero

heavy air - SF laser slalom


real tennis, lawn tennis, court tennis, palla eh!

1979 fastnet race

oswald was aiming for connally, not kennedy. (conspiracy? theory)

LA oil derricks, hidden in plain sight. filthy light thief took this and ran with it, I just provided some links

microwave gastronomy

abraham lincoln brigade

samurai jack

Napoleon and the Jews

circular slide rules




Vanilla, cardamom, saffron

tokaji sauternes eiswine

ravioli pierogi wonton

engineers and radicalism

quorum sensing

irish potato famine and the choctaw nation: beat

short-handled hoe

the personal is political


dolphin naming and communications

ptsd and wwII

distributed jihad



hostis humani generis


edith head

joseph eichler

Wyoming, Inc.

nuclear policy game theory teller Wohlstetter

olympic aftermath

cahill waterman keys

cross-laminated timber tower / mass timber

Howard Somervell

vomeronasal organ and the brain, scent as the ancient sense


Dr. Elizabeth Loftus

Stefan Zweig

Alfred Redl

Adriaan van der Donk

cartographic propaganda

Hugo Grotius, the treaty of Muenster and Westphalia, and the construction of Amsterdam

Forest Finns in New Sweden

Colonialism, biopower and acclimatisation societies

It may be useful to think of thinking as a series of context-dependent heuristics seized upon, rather than a rigorous structure clung to.
- Be skeptical of your skepticism.
- It's not the things you don't know that get you. It's the things you know that just ain't so.
- Half of us is you.
- A good solution now can be more useful than a great solution later.
- The map is not the territory / all models are inaccurate, but some are useful.
- Believe what people tell you about themselves. Sometimes they will sound like they are describing someone else.
- Two is an impossible number.
- Just because you do not have a word for it doesn't mean it isn't real. Just because you have a word for it doesn't mean it is real.
- "Should" is a very big word.
- You can prove anything with facts.
- You can tell how informed someone is by what figure of speech they use to demonstrate obviousness.
- Beware of the person with one study.
- Pay attention.
- por que no los dos?

many variations on "What did the Buddhist ask the hot dog vendor?" (A: Make me one with everything),
I used to work in the City, and one of my favorite things to do on my lunch break was try out new places to eat. So I systematically walked up and down the blocks, trying out every little hole-in-the-wall joint I came across. Some were good, some bad, a few great many more terrible, but I enjoyed the looking.
One day I came across a newly-opened Buddhist hot-dog place. All vegetarian and vegan stuff - tofu dogs, seitan dogs, TVP dogs. I was intrigued, and went inside.
I asked the counterman - what's good?
he replied, giving me the rundown on their hot-dogs, toppings, options, peanut-oil fries...

I thought for a second, and said, ok - make me one, with everything.

He smiled and set about putting together the order: the hot-dog, onions, relish, peppers, mustard, ketchup, sauerkraut...

He handed it to me - that'll be 3.99.

I only had a twenty, and gave it to him. He smiled again, and put it in the till.

Hey - where's my change?

He smiled a third time - change comes from within...