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Joined: January 12, 2016


What's the deal with your nickname? How did you get it? If your nickname is self-explanatory, then tell everyone when you first started using the internet, and what was the first thing that made you say "wow, this isn't just a place for freaks after all?" Was it a website? Was it an email from a long-lost friend? Go on, spill it.

I like that "glitter" is an old word to describe something that can be very modern.

Likes: cats, cheese, computer games, books, knitting, cakes, squirrels, tea, woollen slippers, laksa, pickled things, meditation, wind chimes, conversation, history, tree listening.

Dislikes: dirty hair, processed cheese, runny egg white, uncomfortable clothes, noise, Eddie Redmayne.

NB: not a professional hagiographer. Please do not consult me regarding your professional hagiography needs.