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What's the deal with your nickname? How did you get it? If your nickname is self-explanatory, then tell everyone when you first started using the internet, and what was the first thing that made you say "wow, this isn't just a place for freaks after all?" Was it a website? Was it an email from a long-lost friend? Go on, spill it.

...What's the deal with my nickname...

The "Empress" part comes from a dopey "which tarot card are you" quiz I took online once. I got the "Empress" card; I already had a passing aquaintance with Tarot, but something about this particular quiz's description of the Empress caught my fancy -- basically, they made it sound like the Empress was sort of a hippie-ish version of Auntie Mame. A little earth mother-nurturing-ish, the kind of person whose love of embracing really good food or music came in second only to sharing that really good food or music with the people she loved. That kind of fit, or at least fit the person I try to be.

As for "Callipygos"...well, it's Greek, and let's just say that a down-and-dirty translation for "callipygos" is "great ass." And...according to the opinions that have been offered over the years....yeah.