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Name: Josh Millard (staff)
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What's the deal with your nickname? How did you get it? If your nickname is self-explanatory, then tell everyone when you first started using the internet, and what was the first thing that made you say "wow, this isn't just a place for freaks after all?" Was it a website? Was it an email from a long-lost friend? Go on, spill it.

Hi! I'm Josh, the main person in charge of Metafilter and one of the day-time moderators, along with restless_nomad, LobsterMitten, and part-timer Eyebrows McGee; taz and goodnewsfortheinsane are our night-time moderators, and frimble is our resident tech person.

If you want to chat with me personally about something or discuss a Metafilter business issue, feel free to drop me an email or a mefimail; if it's a moderation or site issue or otherwise urgent, please hit up the contact form so that whoever is currently on duty can get back to you promptly.

I learned a lot of what I know about moderation from awesome former moderator jessamyn, and from Metafilter founder mathowie. MetaFilter owes a huge technical debt to long-time code wizard pb.

I created and maintain the Metafilter Infodump, a weekly-updated repository of site activity statistics, as well as Metafilter Frequency Tables that provide granular frequency data based on several hundred million words of user comment text. More information on those projects is available at the unofficial Metafilter Wiki (Infodump, Corpus); if you're interested in doing research related to Metafilter feel free to contact me to discuss your idea.

- Here is me eating a very large donut.
- Here's me and a pony.

Some web stuff I've made:

Endless Jingling ~ randomly generated, infinite holiday music ~ my blog
Larp Trek ~ a webcomic about the Next Generation crew playing a Deep Space Nine RPG
Mapstalgia ~ video game maps drawn from memory
Josh Millard Speaks! ~ my personal blog
ThinkStank ~ my bad ideas tumblr
Baseball Card Hall of Fame ~ giving awards to yardstick
~ me and Secretariat watch all 202 episodes of the X-Files.

Music stuff:
Josh Millard, Musician ~ exhaustive archive of my musical output to date and sporadically updated music blog
Inchoatry ~ 2010 album and production notes
Manifests ~ home (and companion site) of an album I wrote and recorded in February 2007
MeFiComp ~ a 2006 compilation of original tracks by 24 different mefites. Profits go to children's music education.
The Aural Times ~ a singing newspaper project from 2006
I also comment and post songs regularly on the Mefi Music subset, and update the monthly Music Challenges

Other metafilter-related places I hang out at:
Gamefilter ~ Mefi-inspired gaming-related link-and-discussion site
MeFightClub ~ Large gaming community and discussion forum full of mefite gamers and friends
MetaChat ~ Long-running, chat-friendly spinoff site with a fair amount of overlap with the mefi userbase

Older web projects:
Metafiltr ~ Metafilter 2.0. Now with more flash and reflective logos!
Bunt Cake ~ a surrealish web comic made from sliced-up baseball cards
Pen and Inklings ~ short-lived sketch-a-day blog
Laundryroom Swapmeet ~ weird crap that people left on the laundry room table of my old apartment building.
Pedestria ~ photographic record of people out on foot in and around Portland, OR.
Polyorama ~ gallery of combinatoric polyorama art from various folks (including interrobang, taz, and iconomy).
ReFi: Metafilter Remixed ~ a review of trends in Metafilter Past.


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